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Keep your dogs out of the goodies and away from all chemicals

Just in case: ASPCA Poison Control Hotline 888-426-4435 

Valley Fever

Those of us who live in Arizona should ask our doctors about getting ourselves and our dogs tested for Valley Fever. 

The symptoms are so different for each afflicted from lethargy, fever, grumpiness, aches and pains in joints, lumps on elbows, flaky nose pads, super rough foot pads, lack of appetite, limping. It is a fungus. 

The spores lie dormant in the dirt in Arizona and are stirred up during construction, dust storms, rototilling, digging. It can be deadly. It can be cured if caught early enough but if it gets into the bones, it causes irreversible bone degeneration.

Medication and Food

Check the side effects listed on the meds you give your dogs. It's easy to forget that they can cause odd effects over time like anxiety, stomach problems etc. Just a precautionary note.

Take a look at the label on your dogs food and think about making a change for the new year to something with meat as the first 3 ingredients and without "animal by-products", gluten or meal. Less dog waste, longer, healthier life.

Chocolate harmful to canines 

In a recent Veterinary Journal, feeding chocolate to dogs was found to cause toxic shock in 24% of the animals. Some other items harmful to canines: 

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Apple seeds 
  • Stone fruit pits 
  • Artificial sweeteners 
  • Grapes 
  • Herbal 'aids' (ask your vet please) 
  • Coffee 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Mustard 
  • Nuts (Most) 
  • Onions 
  • Raisins 
  • Sago 
  • Palm 
  • Salt 
  • Sugar 
  • Tea 
  • Tomatos 

Spoiling your dog may very well be poisoning your dog and trust me, they are no judge of what's good for them....they love to eat cat poo.

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